Getting over obstacles. 3 Simple Actions to bust through what is holding you back from success.

This course offers 3 SIMPLE actions that will overcome the obstacles that hold you back from becoming successful. If you can’t make progress, feel stuck or like it’s impossible to continue pursuing your dreams, don’t despair. This can help unlock the barriers to achieving your hopes and goals.
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About This Product:

Does it feel like you’ve hit the wall? 

Maybe the thought of failing has been happening more and more?

When the obstacles in our life feel insurmountable we start to believe that we aren’t meant to achieve what we have been striving for. We get discouraged and struggle to find a way to overcome the things that are blocking us from attaining success.

When obstacles appear in our life it can be tricky because they often are caused by real things, like technical difficulties, age (too young or too old), not enough education, lack of funds or other resources, not enough time, lack of skills or even accidents, injury or disease. Perhaps they are even because of someone else (spouse, kids, boss, parent or neighbor)? 
If you are experiencing any of the following limiting patterns in your life, you need this course:

--you feel you don't have enough money, time, or other resources
--your age (either too young or too old) keeps you from what you want
--your don't have the education or skillset you think you need
--someone else in your life always seems to need your attention
--whenever something good starts to happen, some sort of chaos happens
--you can't figure out technology or can't get answers to your "simple" questions
--you can't make decisions, have brain fog, or feel confused often
--you have a health issue or disease that takes priority over everything (or someone else does)
--you don't believe you can have success or results like other people seem to get
--you experience self-sabotage or other mind tricks
What if there were simple tools to help you overcome whatever is in your way and for whichever reason?
Here is what you’ll learn in this course:
3 Simple Actions you can take right away that will help you to eliminate the effect of obstacles on your current or future goals. 

This course includes:
  • 3 modules
  • 3 recommended primary action steps you can take right away
  • A one on one phone call to discuss your specific obstacle and options for immediate implementations you can take to change your situation

PLEASE NOTE: The modules for this course will be record LIVE on Sept. 13, 20, and 27, 2022.
Session 1 // Do you know what your obstacle is?
Have you ever stumbled on that invisible crack in the sidewalk? You look around to see who saw you and feel embarrassed by the clumsiness of tripping over your own feet. Sometimes we don’t see our other obstacles either, or we only see the ones we want to see. 

This module will help you to name your real obstacle and will provide an action step you can immediately implement.

Session 2 // Gaining Pattern Awareness
We tend to focus more on our failure than our success, so we need to be aware of this pattern and have skills to overcome these limiting factors.
This module will help you to identify your debilitating patterns and will provide an action step you can immediately implement to counteract them.

Session 3 // Getting over the wall
When there is something in our way we tend to focus on it versus the solution. There is often more than one way to proceed and yet without another perspective we can fail to find the solution.
This module will help you to seek alternative methods to solve your dilemma and will provide an action step you can immediately implement.
Teacher Bio
Coach Tina has presented before 1000’s on topics of education, self-improvement, technology and multiple life transitions. As a certified Oola life coach, former educator, and entrepreneur’ she knows how to navigate her audience to unearth exactly what obstacles they are facing and provides realistic action steps that allow them to overcome what is holding them from achieving their desired goals. 
She has successfully navigated more obstacles than she can count, and is happy to share her experience and related tips and techniques to help others not have to struggle and remain discouraged.  Success is possible!

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Tina Gering

Remember that teacher you loved? The one who understood you and cared about your development? Coach Tina is that teacher! The one you can trust to help you to reach your highest potential.
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A life-long learner, non-traditional educator, and corporate trainer who has amassed an incredible amount of skills over the last 40+ years. 

Tina Gering is a certified Oola life coach, founder of the Empowering Champions online community, Course Creator and more.

She has a teachers heart and an intuitive approach to problem solving that makes her a go-to resource for all things related to growth and personal development. 

If you are faced with a problem in your life, she will go out of her way to guide you to finding a solution that helps you to transform your thinking and focus on your purpose.

Check out her courses on overcoming overwhelm, getting over obstacles and becoming the best version of yourself. 

She also offers a weekly group based on the Tony Robbins Business Mastery 7x7 plan to support growth in your business endeavors.

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