SOW Great: Caring for Your Garden of Greatness

Are You Seeking Greatness? This is a course to discover your true nature and satisfy your search for fulfillment.
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About This Product:

Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey to discover the greatness within?

Great Guide and Life Coach Tina Gering defines greatness as the unique set of qualities, skills and talents that make you special.

Based on the belief that each of us has greatness within us, this course helps to identify your greatness (if you haven't already), develop and grow your greatness, and share your greatness with the world.

When you get in touch with your true nature, you will find:

- your heart-centered truth and identity
- clarity and focus about what matters in your life
- tools for nurturing growth and healthy personal development
- the confidence to share your gifts with others

This course offers unique insights into the natural process of figuring out your purpose in life and helps you to cultivate inner healing and create a plan for transformation designed just for you.

Enter the garden gate and explore what is within.....

If you are someone who sees greatness in others and wants to inspire THEM to reach their full potential, you need to enroll in this course, It's the oxygen mask you need for yourself, since you can't lead others to greatness unless you are first in touch with your own unique style and abilities and living 100% as the most authentic version of yourself. ~ Coach Tina

Course includes 6 weeks of LIVE Group Coaching Thursdays 6pm Pacific/ 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern

Access to Replays on Demand
Weekly Hands on activities "Field Experiments"
Weekly Office Hours for Ask Me Anything Q & A Tuesdays 5:30pm Pacific/ 6:30pm Mountain / 7:30pm Central / 8:30pm Eastern

Students who complete are eligible to participate in moderated mastermind sessions that will be recorded and added to the course as bonus resources.

Program Details

Introduction - What this Course is About and How it will Benefit YOU!
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How the course is structured
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Course Materials
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Let's Get Started
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The 3 Tenets of Greatness
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BONUS - Garden of Greatness Concept Video
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The Learn - Grow - Share Cycle
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Tenet 1: Learn Your Greatness
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Learn - Session 1
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Learn - Session 2
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Learn - Session 3A
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LEARN - Session 3B [Continued]
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Learn Activity 1
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Tenet 2: Grow Your Greatness
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Grow - Session 1
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Grow - Session 2
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Grow - Session 3
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Grow Activity 1
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Tenet 3: Share Your Greatness
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Share - Lesson 1
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Share - Lesson 2
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Share - Lesson 3 Part A
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Share - Lesson 3 Part B [Continued]
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Share Activity 1
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Tina Gering

Remember that teacher you loved? The one who understood you and cared about your development? Coach Tina is that teacher! The one you can trust to help you to reach your highest potential.
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A life-long learner, non-traditional educator, and corporate trainer who has amassed an incredible amount of skills over the last 40+ years. 

Tina Gering is a certified Oola life coach, founder of the Empowering Champions online community, Course Creator and more.

She has a teachers heart and an intuitive approach to problem solving that makes her a go-to resource for all things related to growth and personal development. 

If you are faced with a problem in your life, she will go out of her way to guide you to finding a solution that helps you to transform your thinking and focus on your purpose.

Check out her courses on overcoming overwhelm, getting over obstacles and becoming the best version of yourself. 

She also offers a weekly group based on the Tony Robbins Business Mastery 7x7 plan to support growth in your business endeavors.

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